Lou Dobbs explains the North American Union (NAU),
allegedly signed illegally into law by President Bush.

Plus, a report from CNBC's Steve Previs on the new
currency for the North American Union, the Amero.



Official White House 2005 Signing Announcement

White House Presidential Speeches March 2005

 Joint Statement: Bush, Fox, and Martin

SPP of North America Prosperity Agenda

SPP of North America Security Agenda

Fact Sheet: SPP of North America

Personnel Announcement

VIDEO: Official White House Announcement of SPP

Official SPP Website

To the contrary...

Busting The Myth of The NAU
Busting Paranoid Right-Wing Fantasies of
Dissolving the Mexico-U.S.-Canada Borders



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Lou Dobbs Report on the NAU

CNBC - Steve Previs: Jefferies Intl